WXBA Photos And Memories Submitted By Anne Minicozzi
Anne can be reached by e-mail at: anneminicozzi@comcast.net

Above photo is taken in the hallway in the Ross Bldg outside the radio
station door in 1978, left is Ciretta Carpenter and right is Anne Minicozzi.

1978 - Peter Marquez and Scott Fraser - photo taken in the stairwell
right beside the radio station.

1979 - Students who attended the IBC convention in Washington DC.
From left to right are: Carey Arnold, Carlos Figueroa, Joe Henderson,
Anne Minicozzi and Mike Edmonds.

1978 - WXBA Station Manager Craig Thurber's business card.
Craig Thurber was station manager from the beginning of
the station, I believe (1975) till about June of 1979
when Bob Ottone was hired.

1978 - WXBA Permanent Pass - (Anne Minicozzi) - a photo of the reverse
of the business card which as Program Director and then student
station manager I used as a pass to go to the radio station when I
finished my class work in the Sonderling building. So, whenever I finished
work in a class, I had permission to go over and work at the radio
station during schooldays. This was when I was in 12th grade, 1978-1979.

Newspaper clipping from the "News and Sentinel" from approximately
September 1977 reporting on the August 16, 1977 FCC test taking results
of those students listed.

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