WLIX Morning Man Paul Guercio Comments On The 1969 WLIX Tower Crash

Paul Guercio was the morning man at WLIX when the kids cut the tower down in March 1969.  According to Paul, he called the station's Chief Engineer (Elliot Gross) when he
couldn't get the transmitter to fire-up that morning.  After repeated failures to turn the transmitter on, Elliot made Paul drive out to the transmitter site, and then call him back.
When Paul told him there was NO tower, he too drove down to see what had happened.  Despite Newsday's article stating Suffolk Police had found the dead boy's body, it
was actually Paul and Elliot who made the horrific discovery.  The article also states the boy was killed after being struck in the head, which may be true, but fails to mention
his body was found literally 'cut in half'.  To quote Paul: “At first we thought he was part of an old sofa someone had discarded, until we realized it was actually a torso.”

The following article was printed in Newsday:

At the time, Paul had only been morning man since that January, Ken Bell was the morning news man/one-man bureau, George Williams was PD,
Del Raycee was GM and Malcolm Smith was the owner. Other staff included Warren Green (daytime news) and Paul Roberts (Zarcone) at midday.

In 1989, Paul developed a computer software program called 'MERLIN,' that accuratey plots the timetable of future events with a greater than 75% accuracy.
Paul is currently a co-founder with LASIK laser inventor Dr George Hart of The MERLIN Project(r) Research Group. http://projectmerlin.com or http://timetraks.org,
and are regular guests on CNN, NBC, NPR, Premier's 'Coast-to-Coast with George Noory' and FOX News Radio's The ALAN COLMES Show. 

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