"Hello Fellow Americans, This Is Paul Harvey.  You Know What The News Is...
    In A Moment, You're Going To Hear The Rest Of The Story."

    Ok, so here's the question: how do you describe a station that for 20 years has remained completely dedicated to both it's format and listeners?  Well, to start off, it takes a special kind of radio personality to make it happen.  This person has to have a rock solid background in broadcasting, and should know Long Island like a book.  He must have the ability to keep his ship (or radio station if you prefer) 'steady as it goes', even through the most difficult of times.  It must be a warm person who not only cares about his station's listeners, but personally remains active within the local community as well.  I can only think of one person who completely fits this description and made everything happen. That person is Long Island's very own Jack Ellsworth, better known within the radio community as "The Silver Fox'.  

    Radio Station WLIM AM 1580 Stereo (Home Of The Silver Fox)

    Before I go any further, let us not forget the driving force behind the man who made everything at WLIM possible.
    I am talking about Jack's lovely and highly talented wife Dottie, who for over 20 years was the station's Vice President & General Manager.  Both Jack and Dottie made WLIM the premier station for Long Island's favorite music... American Popular Standards & Big Band.

    Dottie and Jack Ellsworth

    In the words of Paul Harvey: And Now- The Rest Of The Story!

    The year was 1970.  I was 13 years old when my family moved from Jackson Heights to Long Island.  Our kitchen radio was set to one station... WALK 97.5 FM, which is where I first heard the Jack Ellsworth program.  Our entire family really enjoyed Jack's splendid taste in big band and popular standards music, along with his warm personality and charming on-air sense of humor.

    For many years to follow, I grew up listening to the Silver Fox.  From witty news comments about the big band artists to winter school closings, my family was hooked on Jack's program.  I also learned a lot about the Big Bands from listening to him!

    One morning, things were especially quite in our kitchen.  Much to my surprise, the radio was off.  I asked my mom if it was broken.  She softly said the music had changed on her favorite station and all the people sounded different.  Sad to say but the station we listened to each morning for many years had completely changed it's format over night.  Most of the familiar voices we grew up listening to were all but gone.  Luckily, one very familiar voice had returned on another station.  You guessed it...  the Silver Fox was back, this time on WLIM AM 1580.

    Long Island's Very Own Jack Ellsworth On WLIM 1580 in Patchogue
    (Photo 2001 courtesy of Russ Ted)

    The Silver Fox - Spinning Those Great Big Band Hits on WLIM 1580 in Stereo!

    Jack Ellsworth Demo
    Click The Above On-Air Sign
    To Hear Jack Ellsworth's Original
    First Air-Check Transcription Demo! 

    The WLIM Broadcast Facility Tour

    For over 20 years, Jack and Dotty were the proud owners and operators of WLIM 1580 in Patchogue, New York...
    a station which previously held the call letters: WPAC.  I never thought I would meet the person who charmed my entire family on the air with his great choice of music selections.  I am happy to say, that day came in December 1996 when I was introduced to Jack and Dotty by my friend Mike Erickson (WFAN), and long time WLIM On-Air Personality and operations coordinator Bob Stern.    

    Mid-day Host Bob Stern of the WLIM Broadway/Hollywood Revue

    Bob and I share many common interests.  In particular, we are fascinated with vintage recordings and movies.  Thanks to Bob and Mike, I was introduced to Jack and I must say, it was truly an honor meeting the Silver Fox in person for the very first time.  We all sat down in Jack's office and started talking about radio and all the famous recording artists he knew personally.  I was completely taken back when he showed me a picture of him posing with Benny Goodman (the photo is located on the upper left side of the main air studio wall).  Jack was also personal friends with Dick Powell.  In fact, Jack and Dick were considered pen pals and kept in close contact
    with each other for many years.

    Most impressive is the extensive music library at WLIM.  This the heart of the programming and what sets this station apart from all the others.  You name it, WLIM had it and played it!

    WLIM's Music Library (Vinyl is still alive and well... they also use digital compact discs too!)

    WLIM's Processing Rack, Phasing Cabinet and Transmitter

    When atmospheric conditions were perfect, this station could actually be heard thousands of miles away.  That's right, specifically Nova Scotia.  I was at the station with Bob Stern one evening when Mike walked in with a QSL letter and a cassette from a DX'er in Nova Scotia who recorded about 10 minutes of Mike's show, and requested a reception confirmation.  I believe the receiver used in the DX which captured Mike's WLIM station identification announcement was a Grundig.

    WLIM News Room (An Affiliate Of ABC Network News)

    WLIM Production Studio (basic, yet highly functional)

    One truly interesting piece of information about Jack Ellsworth's past radio history deserves to be mentioned.  Early in his career, while working at WALK FM, Jack was going through a pile of air-check tapes submitted by Disc-Jockeys seeking employment.  He came across one tape, which back then, had an unfamiliar name and voice on it.  Having a well ‘tuned’ ear for prospective talent, Jack wasted no time hiring the 'unknown' person on the tape.  Today, that person is credited as being the all time #1 air-personality and voice-over artist in the broadcast industry, both here in the USA and throughout the entire world.  His name: Dan Ingram.

    "Big" Dan Ingram       

    Sad news arrived on July 16th 2013, when we heard that Dorothy (Dottie) Shiebler,
    the wife of Jack Ellsworth had passed away at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center, after
    complications from illnesses. Dottie was 85. 
    More sad news arrived less than 2 months later on
    September 12th, 2013, when we also learned that Jack Ellsworth had passed away after suffering
    from a recent illness. Jack was 91.  Both Jack and Dottie were true Long Island radio icons,
    and will be missed but never forgotten.   

    I personally thank both Jack and Dottie for allowing me to be a small part of WLIM's family of friends, and for bringing many years of great music, happiness and splendid memories to their audience.  I have never met
    a nicer pair of people in the entire Long Island radio community.  Thanks again for all the wonderful memories.  This WLIM tribute page is dedicated to the both of you!

    Your Buddy Rick Hall

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