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The WGLI story greatly interested me.  You see at the ripe old age of 19, I became the Chief at the station in 1961.  Fred Porter had been the Chief who went to WBAB.  In those days we all moved around from station to station.  Sort of musical radio stations.  Needless to say, we all got great experience.  Anyway, WGLI was owned at the time by Friendly Frost, a white goods/ lawn supply retailer.  Sherman Eagen was the Director of Engineering for Frost, who later spent a lifetime in 2 years, to put WTFM on the air from the tower site in Fresh Meadows.  I left WGLI in 1962, Fred came back to help Sherm build WTFM.  I went from WBAB to WFYI (1520) at the Whitney site in 1963.  This was sort of a homecoming, my very first radio job was at WVOX in New Rochelle, the Tribune station up there.  The morning show of WFYI came from the studio at Roosevelt Field, the rest of the day programming originated from the transmitter.  I at the time "consulted" (either worked part-time or really did engineering) for many of the local stations such as WTHE, WBAB, WHLI, WPAC, etc.  I rejoined Friendly Frost in about 1965, again Chief at WGLI.  WTFM's move to Queens meant we could get an FM class A in Babylon (1kw).  That was WQMF, good music with a very primitive IGM automation system.  WTFM had a CP for a move to the Chrysler building from Fresh Meadows. I was named to do part of the transmitter installation.  WQMF was sold to WGBB, and the AM WGLI sold to Beck-Ross.  I stayed with WTFM.  Beck-Ross owned a station in Flint Michigan.  At the point of purchasing WPAC-FM (WBLI) which was now station #3, I returned one more time to WGLI to become Director of Engineering for Beck-Ross.  John Hunter was named to the Chief position at WBLI and had a big hand in the transmitter move to the hill north of the LIE.  Frank Cambria (WGLI Chief) and I built the WBLI studios in downtown Patchogue.  I also continued my "consulting" and got Gene Pfeiffer connected to Bill Putbureze (?) who hired Gene for the Chief Position.  (Gene had a hand in the WTFM maintenance under Larry Strasser), Putbureze also was connected to WHRF in Riverhead.  Gene eventually moved on to stay at the Riverhead operation, though I don't remember the owners name.  I spent many a night working on the original 2 tower array with Gene.  He later went to NY and became transmitter supervisor for channel 41.  So in the meantime Larry Strasser was Chief at WTFM from about 1969 (having worked for me for about 4 years prior) for many years and was responsible for finding a problem with power measurement, greatly improving the station's performance.  Larry also made the move of WTFM to the World Trade center.  So in a few years a local Babylon station becomes a new York Powerhouse.  You can't do that nowadays.  In 1973 I left Beck Ross to build WSNL Channel 67 located in Hauppauge next to LIE, but that's another story.

Presently I'm retired living in western Missouri.  I am familiar with some of the names of the engineering types that worked the Long Island scene in the '60s and '70s.  Let me know.

Ed Karl K0KL

P.S. WLIR started in the Garden City Hotel and was build from the ground up by a local guy. Another Horaitio Alger type of story.

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