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Peter recently checked in and identified himself as the unknown person in the lobby photo on the WBAB page! Thanks Peter! After WBAB, Peter went to evenings at WLLH in Lowell and Lawrence, Mass and then all-nights at WLOB, a fulltime 5kw in Portland, Maine.  "I was there in 71 and 72 and again 79 as a jock.  Great memories when radio was radio!"  Peter eventually became a Chief Engineer in places like KONO/ KITY San Antonio, KWKH Shreveport, and for 10 years sold studio furniture systems... "some at WNYG I think and WLIX".  Peter currently resides in Phoenix Arizona.

Jim “Jimbo” Genovese passed away suddenly on December 16, 2009. He was 61 years old.  Jim’s tremendous voice will live on in our hearts forever. Anyone wishing to leave words of comfort to Jim's family may contact his sister Rose Mauro at rosemauro@gmail.com. Jim was president and CEO of the Jim Genovese DJ Company along with his long time friend and business partner Marty Curley. Jim's extensive radio career included working locally on Long Island at WLIX, WLNG, WSUF, WRCN/WHRF, as well as in Florida at WMOP/WFUZ in Ocala, WTRS/WPLT in Dunnellon, WHBO, WTYM & WWBA in Tampa, just to name a few. Jim was a friend and regular contributor to the WBAB/WNYG tribute site, and will be greatly missed.

After moving on to WBAB and WGBB, Gail left the radio business and did administrative assistant work.  Since 1991, Gail has been a court reporter.  Today, she works in the Supreme Court in Queens. Gail would love to get in touch with Joe Kola.

Whereabouts unknown. We would love to hear from him or his friends.

While earning his law degree, Bob moved forward working for United Artists Broadcasting in Philadelphia.  He eventually opened his own law business while keeping active in politics.  Bob is semi-retired now and currently lives in Virginia, but would love to attend a WBAB reunion.  Anyone interested should e-mail Bob.

Lynne is currently retired from broadcasting and happily enjoying every minute living in Marco Island in beautiful Florida!  You can reach Lynne via her e-mail by clicking her name (above).

Hired from WLIR by WBAB PD Mark Alan, Malcolm did a short stint at 1190 WLIB in NYC before hopping over to 103.5 WAPP (the old WTFM).  He then moved over to WALK 97.5 and also did on-air work in Boston and Miami.  Malcolm also worked for 7 years at Worchester's Lite Rock 96.1 FM WSRS with his On-Air colleague Kerry Mathison. After a long illness, Malcolm pass away back on June 4th 2006 at his home with his family by his side.

Mark moved on and started a talent agency, booking various groups and acts into night clubs and colleges.  Mark was located in Eagan Minnesota.  Carrying on the radio tradition is Mark and Loretta's daughter Liz, who works in Miami for Cox Radio's: 'The Coast', as a sales representative. They also have a son Mark. Sadly, we recently learned from Mark's past wife Loretta Frost that he passed away on November 16th 2012 after a battle with lung cancer. He was 73.

Did "The Whole Bag" show at CKFH, one of Canada's first progressive rock radio shows. Worked in 14 radio markets during 40-year career, including New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu.  Nickname "Big G" came from General Foods, a sponsor of one of his early shows. Had voice part in the movie "Jaws". Sadly, Glenn died at age 62 in 1999. (Update Courtesy Of Marnie Weeks)

After many years on the air at WNYG, Lilla moved her Original Italian Hours program to it's new home on 1580 WLIM, where she continued to entertain her audiences for close to 15 years.
Sadly, Lilla Savona passed away on Christmas day 1999.  She is survived by her 3 daughters Joy Munro, Cathy Fizzinogla and Tressa Chirico Sharak, along with her 5 grandchildren. You can reach Joy by clicking on Lilla's name above.

(WBAB-AM) Officially retired from radio, Pat's career started just after WW2 and ended in 2007 when he signed off his long running show on WMNF FM in Tampa Florida.  Pat's show covered the history of Jazz and Swing, which was still popular with the young and the hip, as well as the older and hipper!

Jim had 9 radio stations and 3 years serving in the Marines touring Vietnam under his belt, when he arrived on Long Island in ‘72 to work at WBAB in Babylon.  It was there that Jim pioneered his overnight 'Freak Show', allowing listeners full freedom to call in and do creative bits on the air.
Gentleman Jim’s "Freak Show" on WBAB quickly gained high popularity and attracted national attention in several print publications.  By 1986, Jim took a break from broadcasting, and landed back home in sunny Texas.  He entered into the field of telemarketing, which has been his mainstay. Says Jim, "I currently work for the San Antonio Wheelchair Athletes, a group of men who play wheelchair basketball during halftime at San Antonio Spur basketball games. We also work with local underprivileged and disabled children by providing athletic racing wheelchairs for them to compete with other kids."  Click on Jim’s name (above) for a link that takes you into an extensive look at his complete biography and radio broadcast history! Feel free to send Jim an e-mail message:

BARRY (Michael) NEAL
(WBAB 1969-71), (WBLI 1971-76), (KWKI Kansas City 1976-77), (WHCN Hartford CT. 1977-78), certified instructor at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, (WBLI 1981-92). Relocated to Las Vegas, first doing mid-days, and now on the Morning Drive on Sunny 106.5 as Michael Neal with his partner Mealnie! ("They didn't want listeners confusing me with the afternoon jock John BERRY, and told me to choose any name I wanted.  I wish I could go back and change it because listeners think I'm saying Mike O'Neal.  Oh well!  I love living in Las Vegas.  I do miss the NY fall and spring, but I don't miss the winters and the humid summers!") Feel free to E-mail me at: BarryMike@aol.com

A very special thanks goes to Mike for taking the time to send us all those wonderful WBAB photos, audio clips and memories!   Mike is currently living with his wife in California, and is the CEO of his web based company: PodsByCell.com - Check out: www.podsbycell.com

Left WNYG on April 5th 1982.  The very next day, Billy was doing overnights on WALK 97.5, a slot he held until late summer of 1988.  Billy is, and always will be credited for being the very first and original Producer-Host of the highly popular overnight love song program "WALK Pillow Talk".  Currently, Billy lives in PA, and is the CEO of Golden Age Communications Inc.

According to one of Sean's many station Image Liners, he's: "A Man To Be Completely Understood... Especially If You Speak Gibberish!"  Sean came in as PD at WNYG in 1981, switching the Long Island's Treasure Chest Logo to "WNYG - The One Four (14) Gold".  Sean moved on to work for WALK FM in Patchogue, and later relocated with his family to Miami, working for WJQY for 2 years before jumping on board Miami's Lite-FM 101.5, which is where he stayed for over 13 years.  Sean was also Director of Communications, handling internal and external media relations for a health care receivables and billing company.  Rumor had been circling the industry that Sean had passed away years ago, but we could never confirm this.  Recently, we learned from a reliable source that he did pass away on January 2nd, 2012, after relocating to Baltimore to be closer to his family. Memorial service for Sean was held at “Our Lady Queen of Heaven Cemetery” in North Lauderdale on March 24th at 11am.

A veteran weekender on WNYG! Joe got married and relocated to Winter Park in Florida.  Joe is the President of SunTelemedia LLC, and is a regular contributor to this web site.

Known as The Radio Diva, Miss Bernard moved on to work at "The Home Of Rock N' Roll" - WNEW FM 102.7 in New York City, and WALK FM in Patchogue.  After nearly 21 years at the "Voice of America" in Washington, D.C., Bernie took their early retirement offer and has since returned to Long Island. She’s currently in charge of WCWP Radio, a professor in the Media Arts Dept. at C.W. Post and conducts most of her classes at WCWP Radio.  As a graduate of Post and a member of WCWP for 4 years, Bernie has certainly come full circle.  She also does free-lance voice-over work and is constructing a home audio studio for her production company: Radio Diva Productions. Bernie also plays electro-acoustic harp, as well as percussion as a solo artist and is a "hired gun" for rock bands.  You can reach Bernie via her e-mail by clicking on her name.

After WBAB, Tony started his own recording business. Several friends have inquired about Tony, but his whereabouts are unknown.

Hired by legendary radio personality Dean Anthony, Kathy also worked for nearly a decade at WHLI and then KJOY.  Kathy referred to Dean Anthony as her original "Radio Dad".  We've recently heard from Kathy and are happy to say she is doing fine and sends her love and warm regards to all her friends, fans and radio colleagues!  Kathy enjoys staying in touch with her radio friends, family and listeners on her Facebook page!  She also looks forward to returning to the airwaves, as she misses her first love of radio and the listeners very much!  Click on Kathy's name to send her an e-mail.

Amy worked on air part time on weekends both mornings and afternoons, as well as sold air time.  She also produced commercials for the station's advertisers. Amy moved on to work for Pennysaver these past 10 years as an advertising sales agent, and has been a stay at home Mom raising 2 wonderful daughters!

Dave moved on to WKBN TV-AM/FM in Youngstown Ohio as their News-Art Director.  He also did on-air movie reviews on the local TV station, as well as wrote comedy bits while performing voice work for the AM station.  Later, Dave moved to Los Angeles, returning to the art field as a Storyboard Artist for TV animation.  Dave's worked at all the major studios in town with his home base at the Walt Disney Company.  His other credits include: Artist, Director and Art Director at Disney for the past 15 years. He's also directed shows like Captain Simian, Jumanji, Channel Umptee Three and Johnny Bravo. He's also dabbled in a few comic books!  Today, Dave is happily remarried, has two daughters (one 15 and the other 10) and can be found teaching at two colleges in their animation departments.

Since Jim left WNYG in 1994, he's worked for WTHE / WVNJ and WTBQ.  Jim is the Chief Engineer at WLUX as well as part time engineer at WFAN.  Jim is also the audio engineer for various hockey and basketball remotes at Nassau Colesium, Madison Square Garden and the Meadowlands.  His past station credits include WLNG, WGLI, WALK, WHLI, WPAC, WHRF and WRCN.

Out of radio with a successful landscaping business since 1994, Ed returned to radio as the engineer on the Alan Colmes show on WEVD.  He later moved on to a position at WBBR, and after many years relocated to Citrus County in Florida.  Today, Ed can be heard in Florida on WVLG AM, located in Wildwood within the Villages.  In his spare time, he's involved with an Internet radio station called MuzicRadio.com.  Ed has also worked at WLNG FM in Sag Harbor on eastern Long Island.

After leaving WNYG in 1993, Phyllis moved on to work at WGLI and Universal Broadcasting's WVNJ. She later landed a position as Station General Manager at WTHE in Minneola.  After an 8 year stint as general manager for Christian Radio WNYG, today Phyllis is CEO and General Manager for "The Spirit Of New York Radio" online.

Lenny still sounds great today performing with his group "The Chimes". Lenny has joined voices again with the original second tenor and close friend, Richard Mercado. The two have never sounded more beautiful together! The harmony and synchronization has never parted after all the years gone by. You can visit Lenny at www.lennycoccoandthechimes.com or email him at LCandthechimes@aol.com.

He, too is still performing.  Harry has released some more CD's over the past few years and we're sure he's busy making more.  Harry has made many guest appearances on WCBS-FM's Doo Wop Shop.

Last heard Rob worked his way up at WALK-FM from intern to Program Director.

Sean is credited for being one of the original co-founders of MuzicRadio.com (an interactive Web-casting station). Sean uprooted and moved his business and family from Long Island to North Carolina, where he enjoyed rebuilding classic cars.  Sadly, Sean passed away on Sunday February 10th 2008 after suffering a fatal asthma attack.  Sean is survived by his wife Pam, along with his daughters Connie, Christine and Pammy.  More information about Sean can be found by visiting the Muzicradio tribute link on the WackRadio.com home page.

ROB JONTAY (Jeantet)
Hired by Kathy Cunningham in December of 1986, Rob is a member of the WNYG Class of '86. Rob was a weekend DJ while working in television sports during the week for ESPN and SportsChannel. Hired by Jim Pierce for morning drive at WNYG in 1993, he did mornings with Joel Martin until April 1994. He left to join WALK AM on it's split from the FM in 1996. Barnstormed B-103 and Rick Martini hired him for part-time on-air in 1996. Hosted 'The Super Oldies Saturday Night' all-request show.  Rob's other station credits include: Country 94.3 Mornings with Amanda Clarke; WLVG Love 96.1 start-up night host; and WTHE 1520 Gospel (Operations Director) and WALK 97.5 FM where he filled in on the weekends for 6 months for J.D. Howard (Dave Schnayer) and WLIR 92.7 as a volunteer "Airliner". Today, Rob is currently working to return a Country music radio station back to the Nassau-Suffolk radio market and has since 2004. He is constantly being confused with Dr. Robert F. Jeantet a professor in Akron OHIO---who MIGHT be a distant relative! He's the smart one! He thanks Jim Pierce, Warren Green, Rick Martini, Rick Hall, Malcolm Davis and Vic Fusco for inspiring him to stick to radio by saying: "Well since you're no good at anything else Rob...." e-mail: rjontay@yahoo.com

Ed was Scott and Muriel's 'gofer' at WBAB in 1968 thru 70, as well as held the Saturday overnights into Sunday slot.  After leaving WBAB, Ed  went to Ithaca College to study radio/TV/film.  Later, Muriel hooked him up with a job in Houston working for her friends that owned High Society magazine.  Between 1979-85, Ed did a stint in the film biz and worked in the micro-computer biz.  He later moved on to work in the nightclub biz for many years including the Palladium from 1985-88.  Ed has been in Ft. Lauderdale since 1997 working in the hotel/club biz for the past 15 years.  Today, Ed manages a newly re-modeled hotel near Calder Race Track.

Tom's still working in radio as Program Director at WGBB.  Originally located in Freeport, WGBB had recently moved their studio facilities into the original WBAB/WNYG building.  To quote Tom: "I felt right at home when I returned!"  Tom also produced Mickey B's. Juke Box Revue.

Frank is an Audio Technician for Universal Studios theme park in Orlando Florida.

A licensed ham radio operator (WA2IAH), Frank still enjoys keeping a hand in commercial radio.  Frank's past radio credits include: Chief Engineer for WLNG, as well as working at WQXI in Atlanta.

After WNYG, Chip worked at WNBZ/WSLK in Saranac Lake, NY.  Chip is currently a TV Camera Operator and does on-air time at WCKM in Glens Falls, NY".

Last heard Paul on B-103 (WBZO).

Donna played a big part in creating the WALK BREAKFAST CLUB. She can still be heard on WALK 97.5 FM as part of the morning show.

Mike is noted for bringing back that "50's" wall of sound to WNYG's air chain during the court trustee period. Mike worked full time for Sports Radio 66 WFAN, and as Chief Engineer for WCBS FM in New York City.  Mike currently works for Wheatstone Corporation in North Carolina.

After WNYG, Tom moved on to WRIV and later to Barnstable's WRCN and WMJC.

Bob's engineering credits include NBC (local/network TV & Radio), ABC (local/network TV & Radio), WINS, WMCA, WOR, WQEW, WRKS (KISS-FM) & RKO/UNISTAR Radio Network. Producer credits include:  Rush Limbaugh Program (ABC Radio), Joe Franklin's Memory Lane (WOR),
Solid Gold Saturday Night (RKO/UNISTAR), Norm N. Nite's U.S. Hall Of Fame (RKO/UNISTAR), Dick Clark's Countdown America
(RKO/UNISTAR) & NewsTalk New York (WABC). Bob also served as Technical Producer for Bloomberg Radio (WBBR).

Rick remained in radio as a consulting engineer doing contract work on the side for different stations including WRCN, WCWP, WNYG and WPBX.  In the early 80's, and for a brief period, Rick was the Chief Engineer at WGBB, and also served as the Chief Engineer at WXBA 88.1 FM in Brentwood.  After a long full time career in the airline industry, Rick and his family relocated to Spring Hill, Florida.  Today, Rick works part time for 1450 WWJB Radio in Brooksville, and is a contract engineer for 99.9 FM WXJB in Homosassa.

 Noted for his Beatles show on WHPC 90.3 on Friday nights, Rob is still doing 2 radio shows, both on 90.3 FM WHPC Garden City, New York and streaming at www.ncc.edu/whpc: "Beatlesongs" Fridays 8pm - 11pm, plus "The Free For All" Sundays 10am - 12noon.  Rob is also doing a podcast called "The Fab Fourum" which is a Beatles talk show on the Internet that recently celebrated it's 100th episode in December 2011: http://www.fabfourum.com.  Rob also works at AMC Network Communications.

 Part of the WNYG trustee staff in the Spring of 2000, John moved on to WRIV and WLIM.  John is also a contract engineer for WFTU and had remained involved with WNYG doing various jobs until it was finally turned off.

Last heard, Mike is living in Minnesota.

Neil moved on to News 12 Long Island and is presently at ESPN.

Last heard, Bruce worked at One-On-One Sports Radio Network, but has since moved on to
Fox Sports Radio doing weekends.

Last heard, Andy is a freelance Sports Reporter in New York City.

Originally from WALK 97.5 FM, Frank worked as the News Director at Barnstable's WHLI.  Frank also worked at WKJY and WBZO (B-103).

John Bohannon's broadcasting career includes more than twenty years as a network radio news anchorman at ABC (1967-1972), NBC (1972-1977), CBS (1977-1982), NBC (1982-1989).  At NBC in the early 70s, John was a Staff Anchor on "Monitor" and also a newsman with Imus at WNBC. His CBS tour included many TV news assignments. He was also a staff DJ/Newsman at WNEW-AM, and a news anchor at WLIW-TV (1990-1991).  On Long Island, he was a music personality from 1959-1965 at WBAB, WGBB and WGSM.  From 1965-1967 he was a music host and news anchor at WPIX-FM in New York City.

Moved on to work at WLIX in the early 80's, Lloyd is now on K-LOVE http://www.klove.com. You can read more about Lloyd's K-Love Bio by visiting:  http://www.klove.com/ministry/mbio.asp?id=22

Last heard, Chris does a weekly show on WCWP FM C.W. Post.

CONTRIBUTORS: Rick Hall, Billy Andres, Alan Duke, Mike Jeffries, Michael (Barry) Neal, Lynne Sinan,
Ivars Embrekts, Jim Pierce, Ken Lamb, John Bohannon, Eddie Dee, Larry Freed, Dennis Falcone, Chip Ordway, Jack Nolan, Bobby Fester, Don Rosen,  Harry Hepcat, Roy Whitfield, Steve Elliot, Fred Porter, Chuck Taylor,
Peter S. Cane, Joe Ram, Frank Foglia, Dave (Glick) Schwartz,  Bob Gleason, Loretta Frost, Marnie Weeks,
Wally Walters, Rob Leonard and Mike Erickson.

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broadcasting.  Special credit is also extended to Chip Ordway for taking the time to search and re-locate the above information,
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