Mike Jeffries in the WBAB On-Air Captain's Seat

WBAB Music Director Mike Jeffries conducting official business

Mike celebrating with Goldfinger Shirley Bassey

WBAB's Marty Curley & Mike Jeffries - on the air with legendary
guest star Neil Sedaka

Mike with recording star Paul Anka and in the WBAB air studio with legendary Neil Diamond

Mike Jeffries recalls a little history note re: Neil Diamond... "After the first time we had him on the show (one of about a dozen or so times over two years), he thought of a genius thing to do.  Neil would call me after he had just cut a new record and would bring it out to the station to play it over the FM airwaves to hear what it sounded like. Then, if it was ok, they would press it.  If not, he would remix the entire song to his liking."

Mike recently unearthed several vintage reel-to-reel air-check tapes of WBAB Radio, most of which were before the Top-40 and Album Rock format eras. Enjoy listening!
Mike Jeffries / Campus Radio Part 1 - WBAB 102.3FM & 1440AM.

Mike Jeffries / Campus Radio Part 2 - WBAB 102.3FM & 1440AM.

Mike Jeffries On WBAB Radio - Beginning of the Top 40 format era.

Mike Jeffries On WBAB Radio - Neil Diamond Interview.

Also, according to Mike, WBAB was the very first station in the entire nation to air the hit single "Popcorn" by Hot Butter, a fact confirmed by recording engineer Steve Jerome.

Hit Single Popcorn by Hot Butter - released August 19th 1972 - song was #9 on the billboard charts for 12 weeks.  

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