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Radio Frequency waves (or RF) generated here on earth have been known to travel through large holes in our planet's ionosphere, beaming endlessly
into deep space.  Scientists have confirmed that radio waves can take up to 10 years or more to reach a distant planet or cosmic object located directly
in it's path, causing these stray radio signals to bounce or reflect back to earth.  The entire process can take up to 20 years or longer.  Experts agree, the content within these received signals are extremely rare, truly fascinating and worth the wait.   

Appropriately named "Moon Bounce", this electromagnetic phenomenon is very common to Amateur Radio Operators (Hams), and was the featured storyline in the Hollywood motion picture "Frequency", starring Dennis Quaid, Andre Braugher and James Caviezel.  Prominent scientists around the
globe all agree, near perfect atmospheric conditions must first be met in order to receive these rare and exciting reflected radio waves.  Equipment must never be compromised!  You'll always need a portable radio (with batteries) and a tape recorder with blank tapes, all considered vital to successfully capture these incredible events.

After decades of experimentation, our staff of highly trained engineers have achieved direct links with several reflected radio wave sources from outer space, and have presented WackRadio.com with an audio archive containing radio broadcasts which (trust us) traveled through space, bounced off a cosmic object, and returned back to earth.

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Wolfman Jack (MP3)WOLFMAN JACK ON 66 WNBC 1973 & 74 (MP3)
Signal # 1 is a combination of 2 radio broadcasts of Wolfman Jack.  Part 1 is from the summer of 1973, which leads into a show from early spring in 1974.  Unknown to the listening audience, the Wolfman traveled every other day between California and New York City to do his radio shows.  Several programs were aired live from 30 Rockefeller Plaza, while others were pre-taped for a later broadcast that week.  This audio file is the Wolfman broadcasting live, and is believed to be a couple of his rarest programs.

Frank Zappa On WPIX (Real Audio)FRANK ZAPPA ON WPIX 102 (Real Audio®) 
Nothing can be more bizarre than having FRANK ZAPPA as a Guest DJ.  Frank, along with several of his band  members, were invited to the WPIX studios in New York City to play "Disc Jockey".  Check out Frank as he does most of the station's PSA's live.  Plus, the music was, obviously Frank's choice too!  A special thanks for contacting our moon-bounce public relations department goes to Loretta Vosk, who worked for WPIX 102 back in November of 1979!  Loretta engineered the audio console for Frank, plus received a gigantic "Bear Hug" from him for doing such a great job!  Enjoy listening to this rare and exclusive moon bounce presentation!

Paul Sherman On WINS (MP3)Paul Sherman On WINS 1010 (MP3)
A truly rare and remarkable Moon Bounce file!  This show dates back to a time when WINS featured Big Bands and Standards, long before it was a Top 40 giant.  The program was called 'Reserved For Gilbert' and is hosted by Paul Sherman, better known in the radio community as "The Crown Prince Of Rock & Roll".  Paul was also credited for being Alan Freed's personal choice for fill in.  This program was sponsored by the Gilbert Hosiery Company in New York City, which aired 2 continuous hours of the finest big band recordings from the 30's.  Featured artists include Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee, Tommy Dorsey, The Pied Pipers,  Ella Fitzgerald and much more!

Dan Ingram On 77 Music Radio WABC 1971 (Real Audio®)
This rare moon bounce of Big Dan Ingram on MusicRadio 77 WABC in New York is an audio clip of the first hour of Dan's show, which was sent overseas to keep our troops in Vietnam entertained, as well as help make them feel at home!

Dan Ingram WABC (Real Audio)Dan Ingram On 77 Music Radio WABC 1982 (Real Audio®)
This moon bounce was captured by a WackRadio groupie, who requested to remain anonymous.  Make no mistake about it, this is Big Dan Ingram on Music Radio 77 WABC in New York circa 1982.  Interesting to compare the previous Ingram file with this one of Dan 11 years later on the same station!  Included in this nice little audio capture is Rick James doing the 5PM WABC news update.  Enjoy!

New York Radio Signals - Reflections Of Hurricane BELLE in 1976 (Real Audio®)
WABC Radio: News With Rick James & Don Gardner on Hurricane Belle / WOR: Dr. Bob Harris on Hurricane Belle / Henry Gladstone doing News / Ed Nash / Rambling With Gambling / Harry Harrison on WABC 8:04am Monday August 9th 1976 / WNBC 66: John Bohannon Imus Show 8:13am / Spencer Ross WCBS 880 Sports / Imus - Barrel Head Root Beer / Delta Airlines / WABC (Note The Heavy WABC Reverb) - Chevette Spot and WCBS News Radio 88's Lou Adler

Chuck Leonard & Johnny Donavan WABCChuck Leonard And Johnny Donavan On 77 WABC Music Radio (Real Audio®)
Music Radio 77 WABC New York air-check featuring Chuck Leonard and Johnny Donavan.
(Audio courtesy Rick Christensen)

Pat St.John On WPLJ 95.5 FM New YorkPat St. John On 95.5 WPLJ FM (Real Audio®)
New York's Best Rock featuring Pat Saint John - circa mid 1970's air-check.
(audio courtesy of Rick Christensen)

Don Imus John Lennon Tribute  Don Imus - John Lennon Tribute (Real Audio®)
In 1981 Don Imus re-aired this tribute to the late John Lennon on 66 WNBC.

Stay Tuned... More Moon Bounce Memorabilia To Come!

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