I was looking on the internet for the transmitter location of WTHE, where I had been a DJ in 1966 and 1967.  We played country music and I was the morning man.  I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas so I was a natural to play country music on WTHE.  Later, after leaving WTHE for warmer climes, I changed my name on the air to Charlie Brown on WBAP Fort Worth, KPRC and KIKK Houston.  I also co-hosted The Saturday night "Cowtown Jamboree" live on CBS channel 11 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  The other co-host was Bill Mack.  I remained on the air until 1979 when I became a computer programmer.  I've done some national TV commercials, industrials and small parts in several movies ("Powder" with Jeff Goldblum, "The Chase" with Charlie Sheen and "Woman of Independent Means" with Sally Field).  After retiring from computer programming in 2001, I have been living a quiet life with my wife Pat, here in Fort Worth.  Not too long ago I found out I had a daughter, Tricia -married to a wonderful man with 2 girls-, living in Pennsylvania, who was born several months after I left WTHE in 1967.  Her mother, who did not tell me she was pregnant with our child, did not tell Tricia she was adopted until a family member blurted it out 4 years ago.  Tricia, after looking through the internet and calling many David Perkins' in Texas looking for a former WTHE DJ, finally saw my email address on another site.  I remember WTHE with great fondness.  The fans in New York were the best of my 13 year career.

David Perkins
Fort Worth, Texas

This is me, as Charlie Brown, on KPRC, NBC Radio/TV for Houston in 1969.  KPRC had a middle-of-the-road music format but they hired me from Fort Worth to play country music in the evenings.  At that time, only KIKK-AM (where I later would be a DJ), played country music in Houston and it was a day-timer that went off the air at sundown.  Coupled with the Astros Baseball broadcasts, we had phenomenal ratings!  But, KPRC's longtime morning show, Tim and Bob, had to be supported and KPRC, after 3 years, went back to it's original MOR format.  Too bad.  It's now an also-ran talk/radio station (as is WBAP in Fort Worth, a 50,000 watt clear-channel power house that became number one in the DFW market with country, only to be spoiled by success.  Today, WBAP too is an also-ran talk/radio station!... Hmmmm, Do I see a pattern here?)

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