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One of Lufthansa Cargo's many prides was being able to move special
cargo loads that other carriers would flat out refuse.
  The above photo
is a fine example of what highly trained company employees can
accomplish. Notice the size difference of the B747C in comparison
to the Sikorsky helicopter being side loaded for transport to Frankfurt.

Inside view taken from 'T' position of the Sikorsky helicopter
being carefully turned and loaded into the LH 747C.  Inch by
inch the helicopter is moved with the aircraft's internal rollers
to ensure no damage happens to the precious cargo.

(Photo Courtesy Lufthansa Supervisor Tom Leyland)

Although the next 3 photos almost appear to be the same shipment as above, it is actually a different one from the
same shipper on separate occasion.  Once again, Lufthansa Cargo moves the heaviest shipments in the industry!

(Above 3 photos courtesy of Peter Hees)

Angelina Jolie's Jeep - shipped on Lufthansa!

in 1999 Lufthansa purchased several new Chevrolet cargo
vans to ensure speedy delivery to and from building 261 from
the passenger aircrafts.  These new vans were equipped with
heavy duty suspension systems to handle the extra weight
of heavy bulk cargo.  They were also equipped with AC!

Supervisor Tom Leyland & his new friend!  Shipping AVI
(livestock) were commonplace with Lufthansa Cargo.

Automated Bin Stacker System at LH-JFK.  Each bin is lettered, numbered and bar-coded.
There were a total of 8 stacker rows, each with 9 levels and 35 bin locations per row.
(If you guessed 2520 locations your only partially right.)  There was also one extra
row of empty storage locations at the east end of each stacker isle we called "no mans land"
were the sustem would place bins if it became confused or encountered a location with a
wrong bin inside. This is why we had a very busy, yet great tracing department!

Welcome to Load Control, the heartbeat of Lufthansa Cargo.  All cargo was loaded or
checked in at these yellow roller bed hydraulic work stations. The stacker bins traveled
around the entire facility (seen here).

If you've ever worked at building 261, and wondered what kept the facility (that is
to say, the offices) cozy in the winter, take a peek at these ultra gigantic oil boilers!
One can imagine what the monthly oil bill looked like.

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