Lufthansa Cargo Building 261
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In the late 1990's, corporate plans were to eventually phase
the faithful 747F completely out of service, making way for a brand new
generation of MD-11 and Airbus cargo freighters.

Here are pictures of the days when the Boeing 747F still dominated the word's cargo airways.
Additional photos include the LH-MD11 aircraft as well.  Enjoy!

Ramp view of the LH8161 747C ready to depart NYC for FRA - The MD11 is next!
Photo: 2000 Rick Hollwedel

Fantastic photo of the New York City skyline with an Air France Concord landing
at JFK as the LH8160 taxies along to the cargo facility at building 261.  Sadly, this
photo was taken the last year for both Air France and British Airway's Concord
aircraft service to and from Europe. 
(Photo: D. Morgan)

The original nose-dock roller-platform which raised and extended into the front of the 747C.

Outside view of the nose-dock looking into the pallet and container storage facility.  This was
the first stop for all front loaded cargo exiting the aircraft and the last stop before on-loading.
If you look close enough, you may notice one of the two front balance rings used to hold the
front of the aircraft down during off and on load operations.

Nose-dock Control Panel and Computer Station.  The Nose-dock operator is responsible
for safely moving the cargo on and off the aircraft, as well as entering accurate information
in the computer about container and pallet numbers.

Inside the nose area of a 747C - with the A & B positions empty, your friendly nose-dock operator
awaits the OK to continue removing cargo from the main deck.

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