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Student-Radio Offers A Complete "Hands On" Learning Experience

On-Air Broadcast Announcing:
Students learn about the different types of studios and audio equipment used in today's modern broadcast facilities.  Everyone gets the opportunity to host live radio shows with both music and talk oriented formats in a complete "hands on" studio environment.  Students learn the basic fundamentals, like proper microphone techniques and how to follow station format, essential to securing employment in today's highly competitive professional broadcast field.

Digital Audio Editing / Theory & Application:
Today's modern broadcast facilities are filled with highly complex audio editing technology.  Students learn how to record and edit audio selections (both music and vocal) on state of the art computer workstations, while using the most advanced digital audio editing software.  Students also learn how to prepare and load selections into the broadcast computer automation system to control what goes "on-the-air," and when.

Introduction To Broadcast Management:
Broadcast industry job descriptions are explored and assigned to enthusiastic students each semester, including:

  • Operations Manager
  • Program & Music Director
  • Staff Announcer
  • News Director
  • Field Reporters
  • Weather Forecaster (Meteorology)
  • Public Service Coordinator
  • Sports Director & Play By Play Announcer
  • Talk Show Host
  • Traffic Log Management
  • Promotions/Production Director
  • Engineering & Assistant Chief Engineering

Plus, all "non-air staff" positions may also include occasional announcer duties, but are not a requirement to participate in Student-Radio.

The History Of Radio:
Students learn about the early history of radio and the people behind the development of broadcasting.  Students learn all about Dr. Lee De Forest and the battle over his legal patent for radio's very first Audion tube, to Major Armstrong's discovery of crystal clear FM (frequency modulation). We conclude with the person who created the biggest broadcast corporation the world has known; David Sarnoff and RCA (The Radio Corporation Of America.

Computer & Automation Systems:
We offer students entry and advanced level training about the different radio automation systems used in today's professional broadcast environments, including sound processing and applications.

Understanding FCC Rules And Regulations:
All the basic rules and regulations necessary for everyone working in a radio station are covered.  Compliance of these rules help protect the station's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license.  We also explain the differences between educational (non-com), and commercial broadcast licenses!

Broadcast Journalism / News & History:
News enthusiasts learn to become reporters, writers and anchors. Learning to use digital audio editors enable students to deliver news in a timely fashion to listeners.  Topics include an open discussion about legendary news reporters and journalists who risked their lives to bring live breaking reports and stories into our homes.

Sports Play-By Play Broadcasting:
Interested students can learn sports play-by-play, color commentary and much more.  Student-Radio provides the means for live game coverage of high school football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball and softball games.  Students also learn to produce and host talk shows covering a wide variety of topics, including school function commentary.

Media Promotions And Advertising:
Students learn to create and coordinate all station fund drives and promotions to the general public.  These promotions play a key role in supporting Student-Radio (see: Funding Information on next page).

Broadcast Theater & Live Concerts:
Working in conjunction with the school's Theater Arts Department, radio broadcasts can include a variety of live theater performances and plays, as well as concerts featuring the school's band or orchestra. Broadcasting live school concerts provides respectable entertainment and promotes good family oriented values throughout the local community.  Everyone wins with Student-Radio!

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