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It's Time To Move... Again!

Although Muzicradio had been operating under very lean ways and means, the ever increasing cost of doing almost anything on Long Island had started to take it's toll.  And, it's the main reason why one of our original founding members had to make the painful decision to leave the group, ultimately selling his property and moving his family off Long Island.  The sad news came in late November of 1999 that 'Speedy' (Sean) was leaving the staff of Muzicradio.

Sean (Speedy) Vesley doing one of his
last shows on Muzicradio

At first, we were all taken back by what seemed to be a rather abrupt decision, but after time we all realized that Sean's thinking was not something he actually wanted at all.  In fact, his passion for radio and dedication for what we collectively created, made leaving Muzicradio.com one the hardest decisions he ever had to make.  We can all  thank Sean for helping keep the vision of what we were trying to achieve alive and a reality.  We learned a lot from Sean and owe him and his wife Pam a world of thanks, especially for continually pushing us forward and doing all the things to help keep Muzicradio.com alive while the studio was located in Copaigue (in his old auto shop).

Ed Newlands airing his final farewell program
from Studio C (for Copaigue).   

Time had come to search for a new location to move the studio.  Studio C was dismantled in 3 days.  The equipment was temporarily stored in several locations until a meeting to discuss future plans (if any) for a new location was decided.  For the first time in it's history, Musicradio.com was officially off the air and web.  Everyone took a break for the Christmas holiday season while the station's "mini vacation" lasted a period of 2 months.


Well, it's not exactly where we moved our studio, but it's nice to dream!

Actually, the studio was re-constructed in Ed's basement in Massapequa Park.  During the station's mini vacation, extensive audio tests were conducted by Dave and Rick to determine if the use of a cable modem would help solve the streaming problems we were previously faced with.  The results were not just good, they were fantastic!

Officially named Studio A, and completely rebuilt from the ground up, Muzicradio once again commenced web-casting at 8pm on Saturday evening February 12th 2000.  On hand to kick off the big event were Big Ed Newlands, Your Buddy Rick Hall, Dave "The Rave" Morgan and Mike Erickson.

L-R: Mike, Rick, Dave and Ed in the new Muzicradio Studio A

Big Ed Newlands

Musicradio From Studio A 
Muzicradio From New Studios!
(6,785KB RM)

No faster than our cart library increased (yes, we always took great pride in keeping our cart library and machines alive), so did our ICQ listener base.  Once again people from all parts of the world were logging onto ICQ to contact us for requests and dedications.  From Canada to Australia, from Europe to the good old USA... everyone enjoys Musicradio's live interactive DJ's and music.

Top-Clockwise: Bob Carle, Mike Erickson,
Chip Ordway, Rick Hall and Ed Newlands

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One of the most fascinating aspects of Muzicradio is the thrill of being a DJ on the World Wide Web.  Simply put, the entire world is at your finger tips and can tune in (or, log on) and listen.  

Guest DJ and friend, Bob Carle takes his turn at the main controls!

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