History Of MuzicRadio.com (continued)

It was mid September 1998 when Metro-Radio commenced experimental web-casts from the new studio.  Permission was granted to use the old name "Metro-Radio" from Dick Moore.  Due to technical reasons, the new studio streaming computer was plagued by many problems.  Metro Radio's live programming was at times sporadic, and audio server crashes were common place.

Giving Good Web-Casting!
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Here it is!       
The First Metro-Radio Show
from studio #3 featuring Big Ed along with
Mike Erickson, Chip Ordway & Rick Hall!

Big Ed On Metro Radio!
6,534KB MP3

It's The Big Ed Program! 
Air Date: Wednesday 12/30/99
Big Ed On Muzicradio.com
4,094KB RealAudio«

About 6 weeks after we re-kicked off Metro-Radio, we switched to the name Muzicradio.com and continued regular nightly broadcasts while trying to work out all the streaming problems.  Progress was slow but steady.  MuzicRadio's main program (Good Time Music) was a combination of both Ed and Sean sharing the spotlight.  While Ed ran the console and controlled mic #2, Sean (Speedy) was strategically positioned at the main computer's work station.  The on-air handoff between Ed and Sean was, to say the least... always priceless!  Check out Ed and Sean playing 'Good Time Music' along with a special studio guest, who later became a regular member of the MuzicRadio family of DJs... Diana Lynn.

Ed & Sean with Diana On MuzicRadio.com!
Sean-Ed & Diana On Muzicradio


Continued experimentation proved that switching to a different source for feeding audio to our server company would have probably solved most of our problems.  Unfortunately, at the time, cable and DSL service was not available in all areas.  We had to deal with what was technically available to us (dialup). 

With just a few more upgrades,  some fine tuning in the studio along with outstanding live interactive programming, Muzicradio was on the web and gaining listeners... fast!  We adopted the ICQ format for chat along with interactive requests & dedications with listeners.  The main Muzicradio studio still has the same ICQ number since it's inception (ICQ #: 39496100).

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Our DJ line-up consisted of some of Long Island's top radio air personalities as well as music performers.  One such DJ was Harry Hepcat, who's live show ran on Muzicradio through out  the summer and fall of 1999.  Aside from performing in his band, Harry wrote, produced, directed, voiced and mixed the classic radio spoof program "If They'd Have Won The War", a 'tongue in cheek' reflection of how Top-40 radio might have sounded, had Germany actually won WW2.  Program highlights are below!

Harry Hepcat (...Gooba, Gooba!)

Check Out Harry On Muzicradio!
Harry Hepcat On Muzicradio.com
(2,196KB RM)

If They'd Have Won The War!?!
Highlights As Heard On 1440 WNYG
If They'd Have Won The War!

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Another Long Island air personality to find a home in Muzicradio land was Bill Houston.  Bill (along with his side kick "Tiger Man" Ray) started way back on Metro Radio, moving right along when we changed studio and station names.

Bill Houston

Hear Wild Bill (& Tiger Man Ray) On Muzicradio!
Bill Houston On Muzicradio.com
(1,209KB MP3)

It was around the early summer of 2000 when Jim Pierce hopped on board Muzicradio's band wagon.  Jim's warm personality added that missing soft touch to Muzicradio.  His laid back "cool and smooth" on-air presentation made him a favorite with the ladies on ICQ, playing their requests, dedications.    

Jim Pierce
Jim Pierce On MuzicRadio.com
(483KB MP3)

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